Employee Appreciation

Every year we celebrate Employee Appreciation on or around Administrative Assistant's Day. We take the employees out to lunch, and then we come back and do something here.

We have watched movies, done massages, had a comedian do our colors (personality colors), played bingo, and had the management team cook for our employees.

I am looking for fresh ideas for an almost non-existent budget for 12 employees. Got any creative ones?



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  • You have already done so many different events for your staff. Which did they like best? Maybe simply ask them what they would like to do this year (within reason of course).
    Good luck,
  • Maybe put it up for a vote? Tell everybody you know they've enjoyed all the employee appreciation activities you've done over the years and make a list of all of them and ask them to vote for their favorite that they'd like to do again this year.

    Giving them the chance to have some input could be considered another aspect of the whole employee appreciation thing!
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