un-enrolling from an insurance carrier

I'm fairly new to the HR role and have a question:

I have an employee in Massachusetts who wants to terminate her health insurance.
She has to wait until open enrollment, anyone have a professional yet soft response on
how to approach her.
Some employees feel our benefits are outrageous.

Below is her stated request:
Starting January 1st, I will not need BPCC BCBS Insurance. I have found another insurance carrier and it will come into effect on the 1st. Just wanted to let you be aware of this. However, I am not sure of the process of un-enrolling from an insurance carrier, so please let me know if you need me to do/sign anything.

Thank you!


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  • Employees and dependents can come off our plan at any time, but they would still be responsible for the deduction payment because of our section 125 plan. I think you're best off just being honest with her. She may still have time to cancel the other coverage. It has to be hard for plans not renewing on 1/1 for anyone to change!

    When is your open enrollment? If it's soon, you could say, "Sally, Unfortunately because our premiums are deducted from your pay pre-tax through our section 125 plan, we cannot stop those deductions until the next open enrollment that starts March 1. I'd be happy to help you with cancelling coverage at that time. Please call me so we can talk about this further. I know it's confusing!"
  • What recourse does an employee have if they meet qualifying events and have not successfully had defections stopped?
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