Setting a new max for sick leave accruals

I have a client that has no maximum on sick leave accrual. Some of the employees have over 6 months worth of sick leave accrued. Can we put a policy in place that puts a maximum allowed sick leave accrual and take the employees who have accrued more than that amount down to that maximum?


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  • It depends on your state laws.

    My company did something similar many years ago. They took amounts in excess of the limit and put it in an extended illness bank. It was there for employees if they were sick a certain amount of time, and was used first before regular leave. Most employees never accessed it, and no one ever used it completely. Employees were upset when the new plan was first initiated, but management did what they could to offset the outrage and soon employees adjusted.

    If you decide to initiate such a plan, I recommend that you start communications well beforehand, and do so frequently.

    Good luck,
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