EEO-1 Reporting

I know employers with 100 or more employees are required to file an annual EEO-1 report. I had also heard that if an employer has less than 100 employees with so much in federal contracts, they must also file. We have less than 100 employees and have federal contracts over $50,000. I do currently file a state report that is not due by 9/30 but earlier. The filing date is when the contracts began. I am confused about when to file the federal vs state EEO-1 reports. What is the difference between state and federal filing? Is the 9/30 filing date for federal filing only? Does anyone have a website link with more info on this? Thanks


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  • Try [url][/url]
    We, also, are a federal contractor with fewer than 100 EEs but $50k+ in contracts. We recently completed our written AAP which was a requirement and I just filed the EEO-1 on line with the 2007 stats. It's a federal reg, and I have not had to file a state report, yet.

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