Is there a website that lists the amount of settlement on WC claims?


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  • More information please.

    Settlements infer some sort of lawsuit.

    Do you mean awards from WC? Like a diagnosis of % of disability up to 100% and a different schedule for a left hand vs a right hand and that sort of thing?
  • I have the formula for the weeks awarded for specific injuries. But I was told there is a website that shows the amount of money paid to individuals for injuries. It's probably not public record as far as personal information, but I thought maybe a summary of awards, judgements, settlements, etc. like injured hand - $25,000.

    What do you think?

  • I don't know of such a website, but the information is probably out there somewhere. Since WC is governed differently be each state, perhaps the list you are looking for is different for each state.

    I would contact my WC carrier and/or my Insurance Broker for information. They can probably direct you best at this point.
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