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I have been asked to develop a Wellness Program for our employees. Currently we: provide free flu vaccines every October to all employees that wish to participate, discount membership rates at the local YMCA, monthly health line news letters to all facilities, and every April we provide a free detailed blood test for all that wish to participate. I am considering such things has having a nurse come out every month to do blood pressure checks, provide blood test every six months, set up scales and full lenght mirrors in the open areas of the mens and ladies rest rooms. I have meetings set with a couple of local MD's in a few weeks to ask for their recommendations for this program. However, I was just wondering what some of you have done in your compaines that were successful and what should I watch out for.
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  • WOW,
    Dutch it looks like you are doing more than most to begin with!!!! Great job, hats off to you. As for something else, you are already doing more than many so if you are looking to round out your program only two things pop to mind. Schedule monthly lunch and learns. You can bring in people to discuss nutrition, stress relief, time management, etc. Usually these folks are not to expensive and sometimes you can get them for free through your WC clinic depending on the level of business you send them. The only other thing might be to set up a rewards program based on my heathly living choices. Losing weight, exercising regularly, stopping smoking etc. One thing I did in the past was to post product recalls at the plant I worked at. [url]www.cpsc.gov[/url] has them listed. Thought nobody would care. Turned out it was a great informational tool, was very popular and many folks had recalled items.
    My $0.02 worth.
    DJ The Balloonman
  • We started our Employee Wellness Program in February 2000. We are provided a medical person twice a week (Tuesday am and Weds pm) for BP checks; we have blood draws every six months or more often if an employee has a special condition. We are entitled to six seminars per year.
    We've had proper lifting procedures, weight management, stress management. They also provide training for our state Drug-Free Workplace program.

    It's been a very successful program, and participation is considered during the renewal and/or marketing process for our medical group health coverage.

    We also provide quarterly health newsletter.

    We recently had a change in on-site personnel, and they employees thought the program was being discontinued. They called the provider asking when the tech would be back!!

    It's working.

  • I have read about a walking program where employees are given a pedometer and are awarded for having walked so many miles over a period of time (6 months, 1 year). The may participate in a drawing of some nice prizes, get a day off with pay, etc. I like the program as it does not necessarily need special facilities (depending on location), does not involve anything strenious, and gets some folks into the habit of moderate exercise. They should be doing it during their break times.
  • On this same line of thought, but a little different slant, I have been asked to find out from companies that have Wellness Programs if they feel they are really making a difference.....are employees using health clubs regularly, quitting smoking, loosing weight (and keeping it off), lowering their blood pressure, etc....as well as a savings to the bottom line.

    Does anyone out there have these types of "statistics" or information that you can share? Any information on which programs have been more successful than others?

    Thanks to you all! B

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