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Can I have a copy of an intern program? My company is not used to intern programs but I really like them. Good way to recruit good candidates. I have some candidates that are American citizens but others are International students. We are thinking of doing a pay internship. Any help will be most appreciated.


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  • We currently have 11 interns working with us. We are fortunate enough to be within a few blocks of a university. We post open positions and have found that our interns stay for awhile. They are offered a paid position (some are taking the internship for credit so we need to report their progress with the school). Another nice perk that keeps them around for awhile is the offer of tuition assistance.
  • We have 2 interns in our Marketing Dept., and we pay them as "contract" labor because they work a set number of hours for a specific period. One of our acctg clerks says that may not be correct and that we should show them as part-time employess.

    Are we wrong?

  • You need to check with the school policy
  • We're also currently trying to set-up an intern program. Would appreciate it if I can also get a copy of any programs you might have in place.
    - Would it still be proper to call fresh grads who are actually done with the degree but are willing to work for 'intern rates' as interns? Just wondering
    since these days seems like lots of these people are applying not really for internship credit but for pay.

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