Affirmative Action

I am a federal contractor and in the midst of implementing an AAP. Does anyone have an example of the AAP language we should use on our Purchase Orders? Is this also suppose to be on our business letterhead?
Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is all new to me! Thank you.


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  • Your first post! Welcome to the Forum. :welcome:

    Calling all federal contractors ... anyone have the purchase order language shefor needs? Please share if you do. Thanks.
  • The OFCCP has proposed 503 Regulations that will affect federal contractors. We just published a free white paper about the regulations, "[URL=";"]4 Ways Employers Will Likely Contest DOL’s Planned 7% Disability Hiring Quota[/URL]."

    The white paper was written by David S. Fortney, Esq., and Burton J. Fishman, Esq. -- two attorney representatives of our [URL=""]Employers Counsel Network's[/URL] Washington, D.C., firm [URL=""]FortneyScott[/URL].

    Here are the provisions they see as controversial and likely to draw legal challenges from employers:

    [*]An ill-disguised quota of seven percent for individuals with disabilities to be hired in all job groups, in all establishments, regardless of the local labor market;
    [*]A proposal to create a separate two percent quota for severely disabled individuals, again, in all establishments, regardless of the local labor market;
    [*]A requirement that disabled applicants self-identify as disabled at the pre-offer stage;
    [*]The imposition of additional post-hire surveys of disabled employees, completely unrelated to affirmative action objectives; and
    [*]A substantial increase in administrative and recordkeeping burdens, which would significantly increase the costs imposed on federal contractors far in excess of those estimated by the OFCCP.

    Fortney and Fishman contend that the OFCCP has really overstepped its bounds and is threatening the "entire structure of affirmative action—and its unparalleled success."

    Have any forum members who work for government contractors heard about the proposed 503 Regulations? What are your thoughts?

  • Sorry, can't help on this one, but it would be worthwhile to hear what others are doing!
  • As a federal contractor, we use the following on our PO's.
    " is an affirmative action employer subject to Executive Order 11246 and is in compliance with 41 CFR 60-1.4 and incorporates those provisions into this Purchase Order."

    We had it printed on the bottom of the document.

  • Yakley, thanks for this response. I have always wondered about this as well regarding our P.O.'s and this is nice succinct language that could actually fit on the P.O.
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