New Time Clocks

We are getting new time clocks and are finding every department has a different way of doing thing and are seeking uniformity. A couple of questions have come up:

1. One department uses paid sick time to get employee up to 40hour per week. Another uses it for the 8 hour day. For example, employee calls in sick on Monday and uses 8 hours sick time, but works two extra hours on Friday. The first department would only tak 6 hours out of the paid sick time bank and pay employee for 40 hours. The second would take 8 hours out of the bank and pay the employee for 42 hours straight time. Any thoughts?

2. There is a diagreement on having supervisors sign off on time cards. One department says it is the supervisiors signature that is the most important and that they are free to "edit" the time card to reflect reality. The other department says the time card must be submitted as the employee presents it.!?! And that no changes can be made without the consent and signature of the employee?!?


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  • 1. Here, it is the [B]company[/B], not the department, that determines policy regarding sick pay. Each department's needs is taken into consideration when the policy is set, but then everyone follows the policy. I would suggest you look at the company as a whole and set policy that way.

    2. Our supervisors sign the time cards because they are verifying that the employee worked the hours stated. If there is a disagreement, the employee and the supervisor discuss the issue. If the supervisor ends up agreeing with the employee, they sign it and we move on. If the employee realizes their mistake, the time card is adjusted and the employee initials the change. It has never happened, but if they could not agree the issue would move up the chain.

    Good luck!

  • We are tying to make the policy uniform but the disagreement is profound. I think it has al ot to do with how folks view paid sick leave. Some as an insurance policy and others as something that they should be paid for not using. Thanks.
  • We are very-very similar to Nae's comments in how we handle time cards. One big difference is we pay sick time for sick only. Sick time can not be used for any other purpose. If the ee does not work their full work week for some reason, other than being out sick, they can use any vacation time they have remaining to make up the difference, but not sick time.
    I agree... you really should adopt a uniform company policy regarding sick leave and time cards.
  • You first must really look at each policy position. People who are arguing for one point of view must present logical business reasons for their line of thinking. You must also consider morale, budget, and other issues. Then make a call. It is a tough decision, and may need to be made by a higher up to make sure everyone buys in.

    We use PTO here, and really like it. We also let people choose to make up time or not. Some would rather make it up, and some would rather use it. We do it this way because it makes employees happy, and we have no business reason NOT to. However, there was a time when we did not allow it. At that time, our ability to track time was limited and so our business reason was to require people to use their time (in other words, it was much easier to handle.)

    I am sorry I can't pass on better advice then to weigh your options carefully. I hope others will chime in with what they do, and by looking at their industries and their choices it will help you make your decision.

    Good luck!

  • We pay like your second example. Take 8 hrs from the sick leave bank and pay 42 hrs straight time. (Overtime is only paid for hours WORKED over 40).
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