Pay for certification or license

If the job requirments state that the employee must have a certification or license within a certain specified time, must the employer pay for the classes, training etc, that the employee needs in order to obtain the certification or license, as well as the time spent when they take the test for the license or certification? These are non-exempt employees. If so, can you point me to the particular department of labor regulation?


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  • You don't have to pay for it, but it's probably good to outline that in the job description and whatever training/education policies you have.
  • I agree with Frank - while it's not necessary for you to pay for it, you need to outline exactly what your requirements are in the job description or job posting, then follow your precedent.
  • I wanted to point out that the answer to your question may not be all that clearcut. For example, what if an employee attends a class or takes the licensing/certification exam during his or her regular work hours? In that situation, I think there is a good argument that the time is compensable.

    It is less clear to me whether the time would be compensable when the classes and exams take place outside of the employee's regular work hours. I would take a look at 29 C.F.R. sections 785.27 - 785.31 and, if that does not resolve your question, talk to your lawyer. This type of question is very fact specific and may need a more intense review than can be provided on a forum such as this.

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