PRN to full time rules - are there any?

I have a PRN (on call temp) that we hired 5 months ago. The employee as PRN is not promised any hours or schedulee or position. She has been in the same department and done the same job for two different employees out on maternity leave. Am I obligated to formally make her full time, benefits eligible even though hired as PRN?


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  • I don't know what state you are in, but in Kansas the answer is no. Benefits are voluntary, and not required by law. Our benefit plans state the employee must be scheduled to work half time or better. PRN's don't have a regular schedule.

    If I had a PRN who was working several months on the same schedule, we would consider them as working temporary. A long term employee who regularly worked many hours might then be considered eligible for benefits. Normally, however, our temporary and on-call (PRN) employees are not subject to benefits.
  • It's been many years since I worked for a company that employed a lot of PRN employees... But generally speaking, those employees - primarily nurses - worked at least as many hours as our regular fulltime staff.
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