How can we apply stress management to everyday
workers? Stressed workers are less productive, more prone to accidents, have
more sick days, and cost the company many thousands of dollars on the bottom
line. What should be a good stress management program were employees feel good
about coming to work and doing the best job they can.


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  • BLR has a TON of information on this topic, trainnig sessions, reports, etc. on their website (but I think you need to be a subscriber to get most of it). I found a few things that might help . . .

     Usually the stressful situation is not in our control. All that we can control is our

    reaction to the situation. We can think or act in a harmful or destructive way, or we

    can use the stress to reinforce positive thoughts or actions.

    Our reaction to the stress often has a great impact on how we are affected both
    physically and psychologically by the stress.

    A negative reaction or negative self-talk can aggravate the unpleasant physical
    feelings or send us into deeper depression or even anger.

    Positive thoughts and actions can be used to reduce the impact of the stress on our
    body and mind. The stress may also be turned into a benefit that helps you overcome
    the fear or worry in stressful situations.

    Positive Stress Reaction

    Recognizing the onset of symptoms of stress will help you react to the stressful
    situation positively. Once you feel the symptoms, you can begin one of the many
    stress management exercises that we will discuss in the next few slides.

    Use the adrenaline to help you overcome the fear or worry. Get motivated by the
    challenge of a short deadline, get revved up for the roller coaster ride, get excited
    about overcoming financial difficulty, become thrilled with the new adventure of
    changing jobs or moving to an unfamiliar location.

    Positive thoughts and self-talk go a long way toward stopping the cycle of tension
    and self-doubt created by stress and negative self-talk. Think about how you will
    benefit and grow into a stronger and better person by overcoming the situation. Is
    there another way to look at the situation so you are not worrying about the worst
    possible scenario that most likely will not occur?

    Stress Management

    Keeping your body and mind in shape and rested will help you manage stressful situations that arise. These are preventive measures.
    Exercising or even basic stretching will give you the endurance and energy needed to fight through stressful events.

    A proper diet also contributes to your reaction to stress.

    Adequate sleep is required so your body and mind have the strength to fight stress.
  • I don't know a lot about stress management in the workplace, but I agree that it can be very rewarding. I guess that we indirectly have certain aspects of our company that contribute to stress management. Unlike a lot of the up and coming industrial worksites in the area, we do not require the employees to wear a uniform. I believe this allows the employee to dress in what they feel comfortable (as long as it is within the company guidelines). We also allow workers to have music at the workstations or in the departments. I believe that music is a great stress reliever. We have been regularly subscribing to the e-Magazine at to inspire our employees and help the Bottom Line in our office. I think it’s a good resource for a HR manager.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

  • If you have an EAP, check with them to see if they offer any stress management programs, or depending on the source of the stress, conflict management training could also help your employees. Many times, just understanding what stress is, where it is coming from and what simple things can be done to reduce stress (rest, diet, exercise, deep breathing) may be enough to help most people. Good luck!
  • My friend works in a manufacturing environment and she set up a stretching program.  The program was mainly intended to reduce injuries but she found that workers also reported that the exercises helped relieve stress.  Her company also encourages employees to become more active outside of work.  Even less strenuous activities like softball or bowling can help with stress.
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