Stopping Goody Pusher

Hey, most people in our office are trying to lose weight for the summer.  However, there is one woman who keeps bringing in the most delicious--and fattening--homemade baked goods.  We don't want to hurt her feelings, but how can we stop her from bringing goodies in (btw, we have NO willpower).

I was hoping our city would ban trans fats and I could use that as an excuse!

Does anyone else have this problem in their workplace?


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  • We're doing better with food that the company supplies for meetings -- fewer doughnuts, more yogurt, etc., but the goodies that individual employees bring in are not as healthy. I think it's probably better for everyone if those who shouldn't eat the goodies, don't eat the goodies. Start a willpower contest!  Whoever's bringing in the fattening stuff will get the idea after a while.  No one's surprised when people moan and groan about how they can't eat the goodies, but when the food disappears, the people who bring it in think they're providing a service :-)
  • Instead of trying to stop her, bring in better snacking options for you and your co-workers.  I think the most important thing is to have options.  Another key is to be informed about the food you consume. When I bring in food, I also provide nutritional information about the food (either from the package or collecting it on my own). There are a couple of websites I use to help me calculate the calories, fat, sodium, carbs, etc. for food and its ingredients. I then prepare a small sheet of paper with the nutritional information and keep it right by the food.

  • I agree that having options is a good thing and like SFbay's idea about providing nutrition information.  Around here, we usually offer healthy choices next to the doughnuts and bagels, etc. when we celebrate a co-workers birthday, etc.. 

    But it's inevitable that all the "unhealthy" food is going to disappear by day's end, and some of the healthy food (fresh fruit) etc. is likely to remain at COB.  And that's taking into account that we have a number of employees in Weight Watchers here, who are successfully avoiding the unhealthy food.

    Let's face it--unhealthy food is readily available all day every day--particularly if there are vending machines or restaurants nearby where you are.  We're all faced with temptations daily. People need to develop will power rather than curse themselves--or the goody-bearing co-worker--as they consume the available goodies. 

     Most people who are dieting and/or health-conscious can figure out for themselves--and have enough self-discipline to know-- when it's worth indulging themselves by consuming a treat they really like and when it's best to forgo them. No need to punish those with sufficient will power by asking anyone to leave their treats at home, IMO.

  • Maybe you could vocalize your attempt to start eating a healthier and that will tip her off.   Just work it into a casual conversation that you're having with your co-workers.   Then they will join in and agree that they are dieting and maybe you can all talk about the healthier snacks to bring...or even just talk about new health foods that you've discovered....

     But I totally understand how it feels to try to turn down food that someone has made for you.  Maybe you could say something like, "Man these cookies are good, but I wonder if they'd be as good made with a sugar substitute.  We should try that!"      Maybe that will get the Goodie Pusher motivated to try something different.   It would be a test for her and she may like the challenge!

  • I would have to say -- just say no-- if no one eats her goodies, she'll get the message.
  • and remember...not everyone is the same level of health conscious. i'm sure plenty of people appreciate all the junk food (although i can't count myself among them!)
  • Does anyone have ideas for healthy treats to bring in - like whole grain bagels, etc.?
  • veggie or fruit platters are always a good option - minus the fattening dips, of course!
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