Home Depot Fires Employees

I've been hearing a lot about people thinking it was wrong for Home Depot to fire those 4 employees who chased shop lifters out of the store in violation of company policy.  I can see why they have the policy--first and foremost employee and customer safety, but also to prevent employees from accosting people who might not actually be shop lifting, and to avoid claims of false imprisonment or arrest. What do other people think about this?


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  • I can definitely see the need for this type of policy. But it seems that maybe the Home Depot could have just disciplined the employees rather than fired them...after all, they were doing what they thought was in the company's interest and being loyal to their employer...cut them a break!
  • I agree with Blakefan - the punishment should not be termination . . . but should be enough to deter employees from chasing suspected thieves. It is scary to think that employees would endanger themselves for merchandise. As employers we should also do our part by making clear to employees that they MUST not pursue shoplifters or attempt to restrain shoplifters. If there is a security force on premises, all chasing and restraining should be left up to them. If there is no security force, the employees should be willing to let the merchandise "walk" and concentrate on getting a good description of th thief, and his or her car, license number, etc.
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