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Our company is moving to a new corporate building in August. We will have an on-site Fitness center for the first time. We are looking for a baseline for release/waiver to use the facility and/or the equipment. Does anyone have such a policy, they would care to share?




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  • I don't have a sample policy, but I'd imagine that you'd want to specify when employees can use it (i.e., lunch breaks, before/after work) and that it can't interfere with work time. You can include it as part of your overall wellness policy, if you have one. Encouraging physical fitness among employees is a good thing, so you can include something like that in the policy, too.

    If you don't own the building you're moving to, I don't think you have to worry about liability if someone gets injured in the gym - that would probably be the responsibility of the owners of the building

  • There are a few things you should consider including in your policy:

    1. Require approval of the employee's doctor to work out at the center.
    2. Conduct routine safety checks of any exercise equipment - checks should be done by qualified people.
    3. Have qualified staff with appropriate emergency training and equipment at the fitness center.
    4. Obtain a release from employees who use the fitness center. 
  • If you do an internet search, there are actually quite a few posted from different companies. Might be helpful.
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I had a couple of these on my list, but I will definitely consider the others as valuable additions to the release.

    Best Regards.

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