Unemployment Wages

Has anyone ever had an employee file for unemployment compensation in a state that the employee to the best of your knowledge never lived in?  They also filed for unemployment in our current state. 


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  • Yes,  this is why it is so important to keep on top of those pesky unemployment claim forms.  Some employees are banking that you will forget them.  In last case, the employee was denied in the State he worked in so then he claimed in the next State over,  I informed both States that the employee had filed in another State as well.  The employee was denied in both States.  The people in DOL are familiar with this practice and frown upon people who attempt to collect in more than one State. 


  • Maybe I don't understand the question. Actually, it's entirely legal and practicable for people to file claims in states where they've not worked. Claimants are allowed to file a claim in any state, generally their current state of residency. This is why all state DOL or Employment Security agencies have what's called 'interstate claims' units. The claimant does not have to file the claim in the state where they drew wages or from which they drew wages. The interstate claims units process the claim electronically through the proper state. The claim is process and (if eligible) set up according to the particular employer who paid the wages and the state where that employer is located or registered.
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