OSHA Requirements

Help we are a start up IT/Computer Engineering Company with about 35 employees. Are we required to keep an OSHA log?  Any advise one what is required would be helpful.


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  •  OSHA requires that employers of 11 or more employees keep records of occupational injuries and illnesses for each work establishment. An establishment is a single physical location in which business is conducted or in which services or industrial operations are performed. For mobile worksites (for example, construction and utility industries), the establishment is the location in which the workers are supervised or in which their activities are based.

         All occupational illnesses must be recorded regardless of severity. Occupational injuries must be recorded if they result in death, one or more lost workdays, restriction of work or motion, loss of consciousness, transfer to another job, or medical treatment. OSHA has developed the following special forms for completing and maintaining records of injuries and illnesses:

          • OSHA Form 300, Injury and Illness Log--the log contains a brief description of each recordable injury and illness.
          • OSHA Form 300A, Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses--a list of injuries and illnesses that were recorded in the 300 Log during the previous calendar year, which must be posted in the workplace from February to April.
          • OSHA 301, Injury and Illness Incident Report--includes detailed information about each injury or illness incident.

    The OSHA website is also a great resource for more information -- see OSHA.gov

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