Evacuating guest with disability

Our new fire/evacuation policy from corporate says that "hosts of guests with a disability are responsible for their evacuation."

Does anyone have an idea on how to train on this?  Do we just train everyone on where the areas of refuge are?  How would the host notify the fire captains that they have a guest with a disability during an emergency?

And how is someone to determine if a guest has a disability?  I am really confused.


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  • Our policy requires anyone with a guest to notify the fire warden that there's a guest in the building, regardless of whether the guest has a disability.  I think it might be obvious in certain circumstances if the guest has a disability that would require assistance in an evacuation, but all guests could be given the opportunity when they sign in to inform the company or their host if they'll need assistance in an evacuation.  This information should be passed along when the fire warden is notified about the guest.
  • We have a sign up sheet at the reception desk of the building where guests must sign in.  The receptionist must take that book with her in case of evacuation to make sure that all are accounted for. 

    Perhaps you could go back to your "school days" where the teacher had to account for every member of her class.  You could have every manager make sure that all in that department are safely out of the building.  This would be very difficult if the department is large but you could have several monitors with varying lists to check to make sure people were safe.

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