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I have just been promoted to Director of Human Resources for my company. The problem is, I have to write a Safety Manual. What are the components of a Safety Manual?

-Jimmy Perez


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  • I would click on the link at the top of this website and ask in the safety forum there. . . .
  • You can also look on the web-site for assistance.
  • You can also look under Safety on this website for some power points, training tools, exams, etc.  Here are just some of the topics you will need for the manual:

    First Aid, Lockout/Tagout, Electrical Safety, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Hazard Communication/Right to Know, Driver Safety, Bloodborne Pathogens, Forklift Safety, Safe Lifting, Confined Spaces, Emergency Preparedness.

    What the training requirements are will depend on your industry.

    If you have never dealt with a safety manual before I think BLR offers one that you can customize to your own company and industry.  You may want to look into that.

  • Congratulations on your new position!!!  I was moved into HR last Nov. and it's been quite exciting!   Something that helped me a lot in setting up my safety program was benchmarking...I actually went and visited some other companies and looked at how they were set up.  Next I ordered a BLR safety training was a great tool to use.  Another helpful person was our Work Comp Representative...he provided me with many many wonderful safety training sources as well as he actually came into the plant and did a decible level check on all of our work areas for free!!!   I have had to be creative with a 200 dollar a month safety budget but you can do it.  When you start studying all of this stuff you may get overwhelmed just remember you don't have to recreate the "wheel"   OSHA has all safety topics that are required training fairly well listed out!  Good luck and if you need more info just ask!


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