Salary increase for next fiscal year

I'm currently working to determine a percentage to pencil in for salary increase for fiscal yr 2010.  Have any of you started thinking about this?  Do you know where I could look for information about what the average proposals are in different companies or industries?


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  • BLR has a salary increase budget survey. :-)
  • TXHRGuy is right that BLR does a survey every year on this. Here are a couple other things that I look at:

    1.  What is the national and local COLA?

    2.  What salaries am I seeing as I am out recruiting for positions?  If I see that all the candidates applying, with the skill sets that we want are all requesting and currently making higher salaries then it is definitely an indication that we need to look at an increase for our current employees in those positions.

    3.  How is the company doing and what does the forecast look like for the near future?  If you are struggling right now then trying to put through big salary increases is not going to help things.  At the same time, in some industries, companies need to continue to increase the salary to keep good talent. 

  • Any suggestions on making a salary matrix? The one that BLR offers is not what my boss wants.
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