Boss is a Bully - Follow UP

The meeting has occurred. These are the accusations:

Preaching God (ie: We have to deal with many people in our lives here on Earth, but we will all have to answer to God someday when we are standing in front of him)

Being led into the kitchen by a "come here" finger, pointing to a tomato top in the sink and asking the employee if she had tomatoes for lunch

Being told that she is whispering to people at her desk

Being told that she can be heard huffing and puffing at her desk and that she doesn't care about her job

Basically, the employee came out said "I feel like I am being harrassed. I want to come to work and do my job but I feel like I am being watched at every corner." I do not have much experience or any training in this situation so regarding investigating and due diligence, what is the next step? There are only two people on her staff. The other one, she constantly praises in front of everyone.

PS- I don't know how this ended up in the Compensation section...but figured I should keep it here so people aren't confused.


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