Adjusting Employee time electronic time record

 We do not adjust the time an employee records for time work, unless the change is for accuracy and the employee agrees with the change.  My question is about adjusting an employees time sheet to record time that is not related to hours work to help account for 40 hours.  For example, an employee is hired to work 40 hrs/week.  At the end of the payperiod, they only have 37 hours.  Can the supervisor or payroll person automatically add 3 hours of annual leave to bring the employee to 40 hours?  This is the preferred method because it is more automated and less problematic than being required to  contact employees and ask them if it is "ok" to apply the annual leave.  However, some supervisors are not comfortable with automatically adding the annual leave because they think it is "illegal" to change a time sheet.  My thought is that you are not changing the work record, only adding annual leave hours.  Can you clarify this issue.  thanks<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


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