Salary deductions, etc

Hi...we recently reduced the salaries of our salaried employees (3 including me) and my boss, except for an hourly employee that we thought would not be fair because of the fact he is paid less than us all...even with our pay decreases.  We also stopped paying for mileage.  We have two vans that they are to use.  If they use their own vehicles then it is at their own expense.  Also we were going to cancel the health insurance (my boss currently pays 50%), but one of the salaried employees said that he would not expect his commission (if any) to keep their insurances.  We are very close to closing our doors and are hoping that we can make it through the next several months....when we are back on our feet our salary decrease will be lifted.  There are only 5 people in this company and that includes me and my boss.  Everyone has a agreed, but want to make sure the we are not breaking any laws.




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