HR Departments - Just Say No?

According to a recent article by the Wall Street Journal, many employers are saying "Thanks, but no thanks" to having an established HR department.

What does this mean for the future of HR? Is it time to go back to school?


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  • I think many of these companies eliminating HR will regret it, so I do not fear for the future of HR.  From a legal compliance standpoint alone, the HR manager is often the person who ensures best practices are in place and that the organization complies with a broad range of laws from ERISA to FLSA, and FMLA.  Others in the organization may complain about procedures and policies HR insists upon, but it's often those same procedures and policies that will keep the organization out of (very expensive) legal trouble. 

    Is it time to go back to school?  No, unless you're going for more HR courses!

  • I agree with you that companies who eliminate HR will regret it. From a compliance standpoint alone HR is critical in making sure management stays away from anything that might result in significant damage to the company. 
  • even when management just ignores you!


    But at least you can say, I told you so!



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