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  • Great story, Dutch! Thanks for sharing...really brightened my day.:)
  • Were you going to discharge for performance issues? If so, were they previously documented? Had you given the employee notice of the performance issues and given her a chance to improve her performance but she had failed to do so in a reasonable l…
  • I agree there doesn't seem to be anything you can do in this situation, but, to keep it from becoming a recurring problem, I believe I would update all my job descriptions to include reasoning ability & physical demands. Good luck!
  • Ours is a bit more direct: [COLOR=black][FONT=Arial]THERE IS NO RIGHT TO PRIVACY IN ANY MATTER CREATED, RECEIVED, SENT OR STORED ON COMPANY EQUIPMENT OR UTILIZING COMPANY TECHNOLOGY. Employees have no right to notice as to any search, monitoring …
  • "willful ignorance"....I like that term. Can I borrow it?
    in Curious? Comment by joannie June 2012
  • Oh, Nae, if it is just laziness, that makes it worse. I can forgive or overlook people who are stupid, they can't help that, but laziness is a choice.
    in Curious? Comment by joannie June 2012
  • My son says the best way to stop telemarketers is to keep them on the phone as long as possible. They count on making lots of contacts before they actually get a sale, so by keeping them on the phone with no intention of doing business with them yo…
  • A lot of it depends on the employee's attorney. We have had cases settled within 2 weeks after an MMI declaration. If your carrier has made on offer to settle all you can do is sit back and wait for the response. Good Luck!
  • Nae, I need further info. Is the "mistress/boy toy" in # 7425 provided by the company? If so, where can I get a requisition form to order one?:angel:
    in wasted time Comment by joannie May 2012
  • Kelly, Check your state WC laws to be on the safe side. Some states will not allow you to terminate an employee while they are on TTD.
  • I miss HRQ, Allsteaks, ritaanz, Ray and Larry, don't you guys?
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  • No change here, either. Our wording is similar to Coffee's: "Have you ever been convicted of any crime, had adjudication withheld, or plead no contest to a crime? If Yes, please state the type of crime and the circumstances with regard to each, i…
  • Welcome to the Forum! We handle the same way Nae does.
  • We keep for 2 years plus the current.
  • We don't allow pets in the workplace. In fact, we hired a driver last Monday, who quit on Tuesday, because we wouldn't let him take his dog with him in the truck. However, I was in Telluride, Colorado last summer and quite a few of the businesses …
  • My husband's sister-in-law loves cats, so he is all the time telling her "I love cats, they taste just like chicken". The look on her face is priceless. You'd think she'd get use to it after a while.
  • I got 2 correct. I actually knew where the Sargasso sea is and why it is famouns and who the emperor was when Jesus was born. Hmmmm! Biblical and supernatural. Strange combination.
  • Not me, I'm a perfect :angel:
  • Glad to have you on the forum, Welcome2. Just my two cents, but from the details you have given, I would think the solution would be a reasonable one. Is the locker room located in such a way that an alternate entrance could be created? Our space…
  • Unpaid leave, unless ee is eligible for FMLA then they must use any accrued leave in conjunction with.
  • Oklahoma operates much the same as Kansas. But, let's think about this for a minute. If the middleman (pharmacy) is taken out of the equation, shouldn't it follow that the medications would be much less expensive for the consumer? Sonny, you're i…
  • :welcome: Welcome to the forum. I did a quick search on the OSHA website. The only two religious exemption items I was able to find were hard hats and respirators, which would lead me to believe, as Nae said, if the manner of dress is truly a sa…
  • Gee, Nae, I don't know. Distributing corporal punishment to people not complying with your wellness program might just whip them into shape:D
  • Around here betting pools go hand in hand with beer/drinks at company functions or on expense reports. Not allowed. Previous President of the company was a Baptist Deacon.:angel:
  • That is also the way we handle.
  • Be sure and check your state laws. Some states prohibit collection and/or testing unless done by a state or federally certified collection site or lab.
  • FMLA leave is the only leave for which we require a paper request. As for tracking, we track all leave both electronically and paper. Our locations have individual paper calendars to record daily absences, but also publish an electronic absence re…
  • What Dutch said.:)
  • Logical argument if it were in the corporate world, but knowing the way our government runs, I'd bet they would first send the ones who would cost them the most.
  • They have a doctor that makes house call? That must have cost a bundle. Sorry, got off task for a moment. Since they were not hospitalized or out 3 consecutive days, I wouldn't declare it FMLA if this is the first instance. If it were a conditio…