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  • Hee! I'm a lawyer and I love these. Here are a couple of my favorite classics: Why don't sharks bite lawyers? Professional courtesy. What's the difference between a dead skunk in the middle of the road and a dead lawyer in the middle of the road…
  • Hee! People are always happiest when they have something to be unhappy about. The twist of your office also having a Keurig just sent me over the edge into giggles. Watch out -- 2015 might be riddled with "Tea-gate" NaeNae! Best of luck!
  • Oh hell, I wish I checked this more often. It's been 8 months, so you're probably not in need anymore, but if you are Nae, I have one. It's written from a county's perspective, but you can adapt it.
  • I'm with Sonny on that one. It may not be "legal" or "illegal" but her actions would certainly be defensible because she did not receive notice. She may have a wage claim and should contact her state's Dept. of Labor office.
  • Last May the EEOC held hearings on different types of wellness programs. They still haven't come up with any guidance for employers and it's been nearly a year.
  • Bwah! Love this Nae! Thanks.
  • I agree as well. They are a hospital, for cripes sake! It's not like they don't have means right there to test her via the alternate methods!
  • About sixteen years ago, I was asked "Why are pistachios dyed green?" I can't remember what I said, but I did get the job and did look up the answer later for my boss, after I was hired. (Now I can't remember the answer and will have to look it up…
  • I'm with Nae. We're an at-will employment state and, as the deputy county attorney who would get asked to advise on this I'd say fire the signmaker, for being so immature as to think that was funny and for being so unprofessional and disrespectful,…
  • Bummer Betty Boop! That's interesting to know about the oris root though! Tmperry, I like that quote as a basis for policy. Oh, and those darned plug-in airfresheners are the WORST!!
  • Thanks too to Sonny and Nevada. Virtual cocktails for all! Hmmmm....wonder if we can offer cocktails in lieu of back pay and benefits? I'm suuuuurrrrree that's legal, right? O:)
  • Thanks a million Nae! I'm sending you a virtual cocktail to show my gratitude! Or, if you don't drink, a virtual latte.
  • Hi Nae! I believe since Sept. or October.
  • Thanks for the tip Sharon. I, like you, have severe allergies, plus I have the added fun of all sorts of asthma, including "environmental asthma." Just this morning I came in to work and said good morning to three coworkers. They were wearing so …
  • I agree with briansch1 above. The only addition I have is that some state laws only allow deductions when the employee quits or is terminated.
  • Bwah! Thanks Nae nae! I always love your funnies.
  • It was a new one on me! Thanks Nae!
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  • I agree with the advise and advice peeve! Also, don't feel bad Nae-- the local "word" which I have to stop myself from using is "brang." As in, "Who brang the chips to the party?" I've been all the way through law school, for Pete's sake, yet I st…
  • People improperly substituting "fewer" for "less" and vice-versa. I even hear it in some national television commercials which have aired recently. Also, people who overuse the word "myself," especially when they really mean "I" or "me." I.e. "My…
  • Thanks NaeNae! And, you're hired!
  • An ex-boss of mine used to ask why pistachios are dyed red. She said it was because she actually wanted to know. One time, after the advent of the internet, I looked it up for her. Don't remember the answer now.
  • My current office doesn't allow them and I'm grateful. I suffer from pretty severe allergies and I used to work for an office that allowed pets. Animals seem to zero in on those of us with allergies, like they have radar for it. The worst was two …