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  • Yes, I am a member and checked for a sample form but did not find one.  I did find the general description of what should be included, but was just uncertain as to how much detail to include in regard to the facts leading to termination.  I know hav…
  • Given the above response of "incapable of self care due to a disability", what about a situation where a child over 18 is about to start treatment & chemo.  Condition is listed as life long and since chemo can make some incapable of self care fo…
  • I did see those, but was not sure if it even applied since this was the Annual Survey and not the Year End Summary that is posted from Feb thur April???  I could not even find anything that referenced the Survey from Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • I was reading your response and was hoping for a bit more info regarding something you said in your response:  "Additionally, your predecessor was making a grievous salary-basis error by requiring any amount of time other than "more than zero" to pa…
  • I most be dense, but I am still unclear.  Let me give an example:  if an employee normally works to 5:30 and leaves at 2:55, in your understanding of the rules, what would the FMLA time be counted as if we account for attendance, attendance bounus, …
  • Your discussion leads me to another question on the topic.  We have not required ee to use vacation time with FMLA and if they have elected to do so, we had opted NOT to count it as part of their FMLA time off, but rather as additional time off that…