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  • I actually work for a company that has acquired several locations over the last couple of years.  The big key is to stay in communication with the employees so they don't think they're all being fired--and don't make promises you can't live up to--i…
  • At one of our locations we have a retired OSHA inspector.  His recommendation is to organize the MSDS by department that uses them and then number the sheets.  And then use your chemical inventory sheet at the front of your book to double as a table…
  • I've heard the Franklin planner people put on an awesome seminar on how to priortize and plan and such.  I've never gone myself but I've heard from other co-workers it was very helpful to them.  Personnally, I survive with my Outlook calendar, a nor…
  • Our offices are on two floors--each floor has its own water cooler that dispenses hot and cold water.  Refrigerators and coffee machines are also provided on each floor.  Employees do not have to contribute to the cost.  We also have a pop machine t…