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  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) must be considered when applying an attendance policy.  Disciplining a disabled employee for chronic absence or lateness, could be a violation of the ADA. While co…
  • You can tell hourly employees that they may not work overtime. You can also discipline them if they do work overtime in spite of your direction. But this discipline may not take the form of not paying them. You must pay them for overtime worked, eve…
  •  It' back to 11 hours a day. The federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration  issued an interim final rule upholding the 11 hour day, mandating 10 hours of rest each day, and 34 hours off duty before resuming the next day. There's a 60 day comment p…
  • Refer the employee to your EAP; if you don't have one provide them with a list of community resources. Consider getting a restraining order if the violent party may show up at the workplace. Hire more security. Offer the victim a flexible work sched…
  • At our company we have bike riding outings after work, send employees letters of commendation and birthday cards to their homes, have a cookie day and a pie day every year where employees bring in the sweets and there is a contest for the best, have…
  • What would you change about your current job? Then you can see what they don't like....
  • You could go around the room and require each person to give some suggestions. More people would be inclined to talk if you go around the room rather than simply asking the group as a whole for suggestions.
  • I agree that publishing people's names is too much information. It's enough to know what the job position is.
  • We allow personal use during lunch hour and breaks. But that's it. Our work areas are pretty open, so it's not that easy to surf the net during work hours.
  • This will make it so much easier for women to win these cases, especially when they don't know they are being discriminated against right away.
  • The fact that you hired another working mother can help you show that this was not the reason you fired your other employee. It will be easier to show the termination was for work performance reasons.
  • I saw The Police in concert recently, as an aside. They were amazing! He still has that voice!
  • You would definitely be walking on dangerous ground to fire the employee. I wouldn't do it.
  • The statge of industry development is important when figuring out what compensation packages to create. For example, a new company like yours which is in the developing stage, will be focused on keeping fixed costs low and developing a market that w…
  • If you do an internet search, there are actually quite a few posted from different companies. Might be helpful.
  • Our compnay had a policy that food would be emptied out of the fridge and thrown out after every workday. Well, the president of your company came in insanely early one day and threw out the leftover food - thinking it was from the previous day. Wha…
  • We had a similar situation at our company and we fired them. But we had a company policy that prohibits employees from dating. They knew they were taking a real risk.
  • Sometimes I put ankle weights on and lift my feet up and down while sitting at my desk - have to be in the right kind of job/workplace to do this.